Awards & KWOA Officer Voting Open

Voting for the Kentucky Wrestling Officials Association Officers and annual awards is open from April 1 and closes on April 30. KWOA members may text or email their votes for officers and awards. Your email or text must contain Chris Shaw and Cody Walls. You can email ( & or text (502.664.6546 & 719.850.0899). You must group them together in your message for your vote to register!

Board officers serve for two year terms from June 1, 2017 - May 31, 2019. The President-elect will serve a two year term and be elevated to KWOA President for the 2019 - 2021 term. Other board positions are for just one term.

President-elect: Brience WIllian
Vice President: Mark Shumate OR  Garrett Pikul
Treasurer: Mike Ford
Secretary: Rocky Durham

Note: For Official of the Year and Rookie of the Year you may designate a first place and second place vote. Please note which is your first choice and second. Otherwise, the first person listed will counted as your first palce vote and no second place votes will be awarded.

Lawrence Mann Official of the Year:
Cody Walls, Brience William, Kyle Moore, Terry Albright, Garrett Pikul, Jim Hardin, Colby Borchetta, Kurt Waller, Rocky Durham, Kenny Lonkard, Tim Carter, Jason Sedoris, Glenn Frost, Rob Smith, Jack McKinney, Mike Ford, Josh Ashworth, Tighe Harrod, Greg Jones, Joe Cattan, Jay Ragsdale, Daniel Meier, Alan Martin, Eric Friddle, Tom Hardy, Brett Branson, Alex Green, Andrew Dennison, Josh Scott, Chris Spurlock, and Garrett Scotty

Dave Barnett Rookie of the Year:
Roderick Agyeman, Pat Banks, Jacob Barnes, Brett Branson, Andy Carrillo, Tim Carter, Greg Farmer, Shelby Floyd, Sam Griffith, Kaleb Hammons, Tighe Harrod, Connor Jaschan, Kendrick Jones, Kewanis Kennedy, Michael Landrum, Morgan Landrum, Andew Mattingly, Todd McCoy, Casey Mink, Kyle Moore, John Reitnauer, Joe Schaffer, Brian Thomas, Nathan Thompson, Tyler Voth, and Kurt Waller