Lawrence V. Mann Official of the Year

The Lawrence V. Mann Official of the Year Criteria

  1. The nominee must be a Kentucky Wrestling Official Association member in good standing
  2. The nominee must be a level 2 official
  3. The nominee must have at least 5 varsity events experience, in the current wrestling year, within the state of Kentucky
  4. The nominee must have been selected for post season officiating
  5. The nominee must have the highest quality body of work in the current wrestling season

Nominations for this award will be weighed and considered by the awards committee, appointed by the KWOA executive committee. Nomination ballots for the Official of the Year will be sent to the active members of the KWOA. There will be two slots for a first and second selection. Votes will be tallied to award the winner, with tiebreakers going to the official with the most first place votes.

The Lawrence V. Mann Official of the Year Winners

Name  Year
Jason Sedoris 2016-17
Rocky Durham 2015-16
Andrew Dennison 2014-15
Cody Walls 2013-14
Rocky Durham 2012-13
Dave Barnett 2011-12
Mark Shumate 2010-11
Chris Shaw 2009-10