Assigning Secretaries

Assigning Secretaries work with Officials, Coaches, and Athletic Directors to assign Officials to events within their regions. This page provides Officials and Coaches with their responsibilities when interacting with Assigning Secretaries.

Assigning Secretaries are contracted by their local KHSAA Board of Control. These Boards are set up around basketball regions that are not completely aligned with wrestling regions.

Contact Information

  • Region 1: Cody Walls (
  • Region 2: Nathan Paden
  • Regions 3, 4, & 5: Mark Shumate (
  • Region 6: Jon Eschan (
  • Region 7: Patrick McNutt
  • Region 8: N/A


  • Officials are provided assignments from their local Assigning Secretary in early and mid-November. Officials are responsible for blocking dates that they are not available to officiate into by November 1.
  • Officials that cancel previously accepted events within two weeks of the event must inform Assigning Secretaries immediately and must assist in finding a replacement. Replacements can be found by contacting other officials through email or the KWOA Facebook page.
  • Officials that have emergencies or illness close to meets must inform their Assigning Secretary immediately. Assigning Secretaries are ‘on call’ throughout the season and expect calls on Saturday mornings for unexpected issues that may arise.
  • Officials are expected to respond quickly to communication from Coaches regarding last minute changes in weigh-in times and cancellations to avoid confusion.


  • Coaches and Athletic Directors will receive an email from Assigning Secretaries on October 15 with a request for their home schedules. These schedules will be due November 1.
  • Assigning Secretaries will create accounts for coaches to review their events and assigned officials. If other school personnel (Assistant Coaches, Athletic Directors, etc.) wish to have an Arbiter account, please inform the local Assigning Secretary.
  • Add one more official than the number of mats at a minimum for full day tournaments. Officials are paid a rate based upon the number of mats, not the number of Officials. For almost all events, there’s no additional cost for having an extra Official.
  • When a tournament is cancelled within 48 hours of weigh-ins, it is the host school’s responsibility to let the officials know. Officials that show up on site of an event that were not properly informed of cancellation must be compensated the dual rate ($60 or $47.50) plus travel. Official’s contact information is available on and the KHSAA website. Text messages and phone calls are suggested. Ask Officials to respond that they got the message to confirm there’s no confusion.