Become an Official

Officiating Benefits

  1. Give back to the sport of wrestling
  2. Develop professional relationships & friendships
  3. More officials drive competition & improved consistency
  4. Great exercise & opportunity to earn additional income

Officiating is a great part-time job for college students. Almost all events take place on Saturday and finish in the early evening, so there are no conflicts with class throughout the week. Officials usually work 6 – 10 hours in one tournament ($18 – $25/hour) and still have time for weekend activities. As an official, you have the flexibility to schedule your availability around exams, holidays, or other events.


  1. Register with the KHSAA: Visit the KHSAA website, complete the registration forms, and pay licensing fees
  2. Read Rule Books: The Wrestling Rule Book and Case Manual are released around mid-September every year. Officials that register before the books are released should wait to take the Part 1 exam until you can read and study the rule books. Officials that register after the date will receive their books immediately.
  3. Pass Part I Exam: Once you pass the exam (score greater than 70) and are promoted to a licensed official, you will begin to receive emails from the KWOA announcing local and statewide KWOA events. Attend these events including the fall clinic (usually in early October) and local regional meetings!
  4. Attend Local Meetings: Your Local KWOA Regional President will begin to contact you through email in October. Attending local meetings will help you make contacts with officials in your area and find mentors for your developing officiating career.
  5. Review Your Account: Assigning Secretaries will create (or link to an existing from another sport) your account. This website will be the mechanism for you to receive assignments and block off days you are unavailable. Assignments begin in early November for the entire season so please place your conflicting dates in as soon as possible.
  6. Get Your First Assignments: Assigning Secretaries will contact you to discuss your wrestling and officiating experience levels to determine assignments. New officials will be usually assigned middle school meets with more experienced officials as their first events to gain experience.
  7. Volunteer for more Experience: New officials should also consider volunteering for early year events. Work with Assigning Secretaries to see if events are available to see if you can tag along. Because you will not be paid, you can arrive later than the normal officials and leave after a few hours. At these events you will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with experienced officials who can provide encouragement and areas to improve upon.

KHSAA Licensing Fees


  • Administration Fee – 45 dollars
  • Per Sport Registration Fee – 25 dollars

College Student

  • Administration Fee – 35 dollars
  • Per Sport Registration Fee – 20 dollars